Local Area Messenger Beta

Quick Overview:

A small (ish) messaging server for small businesses and other things like LAN parties or whatever you want to use it for. It has two components, the client and server. The clients can connect to servers and use that as a hub to communicate between each other. The admin running the server can also kick and ban people if they wish to. It also has peer to peer file transfer that currently has no size limit. Go look down below for all of the features or download it to see them for yourself!


How it's made

So this program was written in C# with a bit of Windows Batch to fix some firewall problems. It has taken me months to write this program, nearly every day coming home and opening Visual Studio to fix some stupid bug that's been nagging me for days. I've had to redo file transfer 3 times, I made my own custom file transfer system twice but then discovered C# had a built-in thing that did all of that in one line of code. It uses a client-server-client system to transfer messages and things between users so the server can see everything you're doing (yes, everything). Thanks to everyone at my school who has helped test this thing, also all the people who have shared it with their friends and even you reading this just for looking at this.

Download it!

Download the latest Client (LAMB)

Download the latest Server (LAMBS)

All client versions

All server versions